Children in Cars: Safety Tips

Most people will feel an increased sense of responsibility when driving with a child in the backseat. Unfortunately, many people are also careless in their driving, causing thousands of children to be injured in car accidents. Specific laws regarding child safety will differ from state to state. But no matter where in the country a person happens to be, any act that puts a child’s safety at high risk will likely be illegal.

Car Seat Safety

One car seat does not fit all. Several seats will have to be purchased as a child ages and grows. From infancy until the child is approximately 80 pounds, a car seat is essential to protect them in the event of an accident. If mistakes are made when fastening a child into the car seat, even a minor accident can cause serious, if not deadly, injuries. Common mistakes made in car seat safety include incorrect positioning of the seat belt, the belt being loose or twisted, and the seat belt clip being unsecured.

Preventing Injuries

In addition to having a child properly secured in the backseat, there are several other precautions to take when trying to keep a child safe. These injury prevention tips include:

Not leaving a child alone in a car

Using child locks

Keeping all doors locked when in and out of the vehicle

Double checking that no one is in the car before locking doors to leave the vehicle

Children in the backseat can be a major distraction to drivers. Therefore the combination of learning to safely drive with children and taking the precautions necessary to prevent injuries are the keys to keeping children safe in cars.

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