Book a Car Rental at Auckland Airport and Enjoy the Free Things to Do

Holidays can be such an exciting time for the whole family. Unfortunately, they can often end up being more costly than your budget allows – but the good news is that your holiday doesn’t have to be expensive. There are so many fun, inexpensive things to do in the wonderful city of Auckland all within an easy drive of Auckland Airport.
Transport is one of the most important things to consider for your holiday. In Auckland, there are many car rentals that are cheap and affordable, with the added bonus of having the efficiency needed for smooth travel. Then you’ll be able to easily visit one or all of these five free Auckland attractions!
The Waitakere Ranges
The first one on the list has to be the extremely popular Waitakere Ranges. Driving your car rental along the scenic route from Auckland Airport will take you around 50 minutes. With walking trails, swimming holes, waterfalls, and black sand beaches ideal for surfing, this place is perfect for a nice, relaxing day with the kids completely free of charge. The walking trails include the Arataki Nature Trail, the Fairy Falls, and the KiteKite Waterfalls. All of these trails will give your kids an exciting adventure off the beaten track.
The Botanic Gardens
Just a quarter of an hour drive from Auckland Airport along the Western Motorway brings you to the illustrious Botanic Gardens. With over 10,000 beautiful plants and flowers waiting for you to view and enjoy, you can spend as little or as much time there as you like soaking up the peaceful ambience.
Mt Eden Domain
If you want to see this great city from a breathtaking view, the Mt. Eden Domain is the perfect place to do this. Easily accessible by either foot or car, this impressive mountain is easily one of the top attractions of the region – consider taking up a picnic lunch to eat once you reach the top. Depending on which route you take this trip will take you around 25 minutes from the Airport.
The Auckland Art Gallery
Anyone with a love for sensational art work and designs from all around the world can’t miss visiting the newly remodelled Auckland Art Gallery. This gallery gives you thousands of well-known and stunning displays that have ranked it as one of the best in New Zealand. Driving your car rental from Auckland Airport along the South-Western Motorway route will take you around 25 minutes.
The Auckland Domain
Finding a car park for your car rental and walking through the Auckland Domain is an absolute must. As well as viewing all the shops, visiting the Auckland War Memorial Museum gives you a chance to glimpse into the history of the area. The park provides the perfect place for a romantic stroll, or a good run around for the kids. This trip takes around 25 minutes from Auckland Airport.
With many inexpensive activities and easily affordable car hire option to get around, a holiday really doesn’t need to bring with it all the financial stress and burdens that are all too common for NZ families. Instead give yourself the time enjoy this great city and its many affordable activities.

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